Discover Medical

Problem & opportunity: patients that have sleep apnea requires treatment. Today they receive CPAP treatment but most of them do not adapt because of cumbersome masks. 25m patients were diagnosed until now. 10m of them receive treatment and 15m of them refuse treatment. This is a large market ($2b per year) with significant unmet need of compliance.

I identified the opportunity, and turned an idea into a product with $1.7M budget, including 2 clinical trials and engaged F100 companies as partners. 

Led development of a unique medical device to solve this market’s greatest unmet need. This medical device (a novel mask) combines elements from multidisciplinary sources of orthodontics, physics and medicine. The device is completely different from any other in existence. Its acceptance among non compliant patients is higher than any other solution. 

I led the company through all its phases: Initiation, fund raising, solution development, molds making, initial manufacturing, clinical trials, regulation (CE + Amar) and business development.
We performed two successful clinical trials, received CE and Amar, and applied for two patents that were accepted in the US, China and Russia and are in the national phase in other countries. I succeeded to meet the senior managements of the leading companies in sleep apnea market (with turnover of more than $1.3b each) and received positive reaction. 

Discover Medical received Frost & Sullivan 2010 Product Differentiation Innovation Award for Sleep Apnea.

DMD was proclaimed as one of the medical device companies to watch for in 2014.

Founder, Member BOD