Basic PoToTePeN information

PoToTePeN is a conceptual US startup dedicated to monetization of social groups; It enhances social networking while avoiding spam and undesired ads. In addition, PoToTePeN allow monetization of Telcos' SMS activities.

PoToTePeN increases customer traction among social network users and allows for better monetization of these groups without antagonizing users with unwanted ads. On one hand, dedicated social groups (like WhatsApp, Google+ circles, Facebook friends/groups) may not want any ads, although they evidently share core interests. On the other hand, one of the biggest challenges of advertisers today is reaching these targeted groups. The same applies to Telco's messaging.

PoToTePeN developed the IP to solve this issue. PoToTePeN's solution unlocks advertisers ability to reach VERY targeted markets without alienating consumers. PoToTePeN will increase market efficiency. It will entice many users to join social networks to be able to enjoy PoToTePeN services and will increase engagement of existing members to use the social network for longer periods. PoToTePeN will also encourage social networks members to use additional social network services (calendars, email, allow Telco to become more of a content provider, etc…) PoToTePeN entrepreneurs have more than 40 years of experience in solving problems using multidisciplinary methods, knowledge and out of the box solutions in software, the internet and medical devices